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Platinum Soil 8L (normal)

  • 165.00RON
  • Product Code:PS8LN
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Platinum Soil normal grain size (3-5 mm).Platinum Soil, manufactured in Japan, is a natural soil that is part of the active soil category with excellent filtration properties.The substrate naturally adjusts the water parameters in..

Platinum Soil normal grain size (3-5 mm).

Platinum Soil, manufactured in Japan, is a natural soil that is part of the active soil category with excellent filtration properties.
The substrate naturally adjusts the water parameters in the aquarium, reducing the pH, KH and GH. Platinum Soil creates a soft, slightly acidic water, ideal for plants, shrimp and freshwater fish.
Its dark color contrasts with the green and the red color of the plants.
It's an ideal substrate for raising shrimp from the caridina and neocaridina category.
It contains large amounts of nutrients that it gradually releases, and ensures a balanced growth even for the most difficult aquarium plants.
The porous structure of the substrate creates an excellent habitat that supports the development of nitrifying bacteria. Removes the color of the water resulting from the use of decorative elements that release tannin.
Thanks to its excellent filtration and sorption properties, it helps maintain clear water and the stability that plants prefer.
Granules retain their shape for a long time and do not decompose, with many plantings being made.

It does not require washing before use.
Use the right amount of substrate in the aquarium so that you get a layer of at least 5 cm thick. It is best to moisten it before making the arrangement and before planting. After filling the aquarium, the water can be a bit cloudy. This turbidity will disappear after a few hours with efficient filtration.
Colonizing the substrate with bacteria from an already cycled filter or with commercial bacteria in the form of dust will help stabilize the aquarium more quickly.
It is recommended that in the first 2-3 weeks, two water exchanges per week be made.

• clarifies the water very quickly
• decreases and stabilizes the pH, KH and GH
• the porous structure is ideal for the development of nitrifying bacteria
• high nutrient content for aquatic plants
• long life of the substrate

Do not allow the substrate to dry. Seal the bag if you do not use its entire contents.
Do not use Platinum Soil in combination with other substrates. Use only for fresh water aquariums, for ornamental fish and plants not intended for consumption.
Packaging can cause choking. Keep it out of the reach of children.

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